Defenders of Wildlife in their Habitats

Defenders of Wildlife

Project: Critical Habitats Objective: Identify an organization that strives to preserve critical habitats, including its history and purpose Introduction: There are several organizations that exist to preserve natural habitats. The Nature Conservancy is one such organization, but there are local groups such a local garden club. Do some research to identify a group that you can contact to assist you in your research. Assignment: Follow these steps to complete this project. Step 1. Identify an organization whose mission is to preserve natural habitats. Step 2. Contact a representative of such a group and ask what criteria is used to determine that an area should be listed as a critical habitat. Step 3. Discuss any approaches toward preservation of these regions. Step 4. Include this information in a report. Don’t forget to cite your resources including URL’s. This includes the people or organizations that you talked to about this project.

Defenders of Wildlife


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Defender of Wildlife is among the widely recognized conservation organization which is dedicated to protect and restore endangered species in their natural habitat. Regarding their vision “envisioning a future where diverse wildlife populations are secure and flourishing, sustained by a system of healthy lands and waters”; the organization transforms policies by fostering innovative solutions, efficient advocacy and wildlife management expertise for threatened species (“Defenders of Wildlife,” n.d.). The paper discusses on defenders of wildlife.


Defender of Wildlife is a premier United States national organization founded in 1947. It has its headquarters at Washington DC and field offices in California, Southeast, Southwest, Rocky Mountains and Great Plains and Alaska (“Defenders of Wildlife,” n.d.). Formerly, it was known as Fur-Bearers group, with crucial goals to preserve wild animals. Currently, their goals include biodiversity preservation and defense of endangered species such as Florida Panthers, grey wolves, desert tortoise, western yellow-billed cuckoo and Kemp’s ridley sea turtle among others in their natural habitats.

Criteria to determine an Area listed as a Critical Habitats

According to Defenders of wildlife, critical habitat refers to a particular area within a geographical location occupied by the species when it was being listed (“Defenders of Wildlife,” n.d.). It includes biological or physical characteristics that are important in the conservations of threatened species that require special protection. Such features are; breeding sites, space for individual species or pollution growth, food, water, shelter, air, nutrients and sites for rearing offspring (“Defenders of Wildlife,” n.d.). If the habitation has limited or lacks such features, then it is regarded as a critical habitat.

Approaches towards Preservation of Critical Habitats

Defender of Wildlife majors on three core approaches to achieve its preservation goals.  They focus on preventing species and their habitat from becoming endangered, protection of threatened animals from becoming extinct and restoring health in vulnerable habitats (“Defenders of Wildlife,” n.d.). To effectively integrate these approaches, the organization sufficiently incorporates the endangered species Act, promotes coexistence, advocate for international species and combat climate change.

Defenders of Wildlife in their Habitats


Defender of wildlife is among the leading conservation organizations in the US that aim at protecting threatened species in their natural habitats. For a habitat to be classified as critical, it is demeaned to lack essential biological and physical features. According to Defenders of Wildlife, they use preventive measures such as combating climate change, enhancing coexistence and adhering to endangered species act to preserve critical habitats.

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