Darwin’s Voyage Sample Essay

Darwin’s Voyage Sample Essay.

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Darwin’s Voyage: Phase 4

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Continue the journey on the Beagle:

  • September 15th, 1835: Galapagos Islands
  • January 12, 1836, After anchoring in Sydney Cove, Australia, Darwin makes an excursion inland to Bathurst.
  • April 6, 1836, Keeling or Cocos Island
  • April 29, 1836: Mauritius Island (near Madagascar)

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Indian Ocean

Darwin’s Voyage: Phase 4

Discuss the following:

  • How can the finches be used as evidence for the argument from design as well as for descent with modification? What made it difficult for Darwin to recognize the importance of the finches for the development of his theory?
  • When observing the platypus, Darwin was at first convinced that they must have occurred from a separate act of creation. How would this animal challenge his theory of gradual change? How would it challenge any other theory of the time?

There were two types of finches who lived in an Island and after a long period of time draught came up and swept them away. Before they were swept another type of finch had come to the same island and survived the drought together with the sibling of the two who were swept by the draught. The remaining finches mate to reproduce another set of finches with totally different characteristic as theirs. The new finches had individual characteristics and were more modified genetically than the earlier finches including their parents. What made it difficult for him is the situation where by the species he considered being separate were now classified as races or subspecies. He was hesitant in using the finches in developing his theory since he was a bit confused on how to classify the finches as they occupied the same habitats with tortoises and also the mocking-thrush.

Darwin’s theory of evolution is all about the changes that have taken place in the structure of the organism as a result of inherited genes over a long period of time. The theory confirms that all organisms started from some point and have been changing all through as and the parents becoming extinct as result of natural selection.  The platypus has not undergone any gradual changes since the first time it was seen and this is the challenge Darwin is facing since his theory is based on change. Another confusing fact about the creature is that it is a mammal but lays eggs instead of giving birth as other mammals. It is a great challenge posed to the todays theories as it goes contrary to what the biologist know about individuals under the classification of mammals.

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