Critical Theory Reflection Essay

Critical Theory Reflection. 2.5 pages. Topic must include material from textbook ” The Great Conversation” By Norman Melchert 7th/8th edition preferably

Critical Theory Reflection

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Critical Theory Reflection

Critical theory is considered a social theory geared towards changing or critiquing the society as a whole. The theory is different from the traditional theory in that its main focus is explaining and understanding society. Primarily, critical theories make humans to dig dipper far from the social life uncovering assumptions that enable human beings to understand the real and full concept of how the world works. The genesis of the theory is from the Marxist tradition where a group of sociologists in Frankfurt University developed it. They referred themselves as Frankfurt school. The paper makes a philosophic view of the theory.

According to Melchert (2007), the critical theory is surprisingly not referred to as explanation theory is done. A person can wonder what makes the essential character for the theory. There is systemic attention in regard to the explanation of the theory that seems to contradict. The theory takes most reflection from the commenters. In all this interpretation of the critical theory, the main aim is to present the critical claims and be accepted. However, there is a tendency to ignore the concept, and the problem gets vague negotiated generalities. Therefore, the question of philosophical interest in the area is portrayed.

The relationship of Frankfurt School and traditional theory, which is derived through Marx’s theory, is an issue that looms large in trying to answer the posed philosophical questions. The works of the school seem completely fed and could legitimately get studied in various streams (Nielsen, 2019).  In a broad sense, when interests are methodological, their connection to “vlarx instead of, say, Weber or Freud, are bound especially to become significant. The theory founders hold that in the methodological feature of their works and its critical nature get derived from the political economy critique model. It is evident in the leading second-generation figure, Jurgen Habermas argues outside the tradition of Marxist theory foundations of the discussed critical theory.

It is advisable and well to discover the critical general ways that critical theorist’s implement in their practices. In the Horkheimer quotation, the main general epithet is encountered, whereby it gets invoked through innumerable occasions in other places. Firstly, the critique is dialectical. It works in immanence mode (Melchert, 2007). Does the theory approach philosophical systems correctly? That means refutations must not have a procedure in assumptions made or lying outside system question and also is well consistent with it. What the system requires is to avoid recognizing the assumptions.

In regards to Nielsen, (2019), the critical theory must aim to perform two things which include accounting for society in the historical perspective and also seek to offer a holistic and robust critique through the incorporation of social sciences insights. The theory can be considered true when it involves practice, normalcy, and explanations. In relation to this, social problems that exist, practical solutions ways of responding to them, and abiding by the norms of established criticism by the field should get considered.

In conclusion, the critical theory seems to outshine traditional theory. The latter produces critical works that fail to question domination, power, or status quo. The theory is vital to help learn and understand the way communication gets used to oppress and avail means of fostering positive social changes. It enables social structures, methods of critiquing the society as well as systems of power to be understood.


Melchert, N. (2007). The great conversation: A historical introduction to philosophy. New York: Oxford University Press. Nielsen, K. (2019). After the demise of the tradition: Rorty, critical theory, and the fate of philosophy. Routledge.

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