Critical Path Identification Essay

Critical Path Identification Essay.

Critical Path Identification Essay

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October 9, 2017

Dr. David Rall

Critical Path Identification

The Crenshaw/LAX project is currently underway. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has designed and is building a new light rail line through the Crenshaw corridor connecting the Exposition Line and Green Line by way of Los Angeles International Airport. The project has an estimated total budget of 5.3 Billion dollars with a 10 year start to finish timeline.

The critical path for this project has four key areas which separated by their design build contracts. This includes laying rail, tunneling operations, building stations, routing utilities, and a new maintenance facility. Following the work breakdown structure, Metro has cut a clear critical path for the completion of the project.

Within each contract are finish-to-start links to each component. This allows the project team easy monitoring of progress, material, and resource management.

Given the experience in project work, the Crenshaw/Lax project is part of Metro’s Long-Range Transportation Plan. Once announced, feasibility studies and draft environmental impact studies were required before the governing authority (the Federal Transportation Authority) would sign off on the project. As this is a publicly funded operation, Metro does not stand to make a profit from the new line, rather, it will support Metro’s vision of, “Providing Excellence in Service and Support” (Metro, 2017).

The completion of the four key contracts complete the entire project. These projects have their own critical paths which can be managed to spread resources, crash timelines, or can become delayed. The first (and largest) contract was awarded for the construction of the main line and stations. The second contract was for advanced utility relocation. The third contract for procurement and installation of rail ties. Finally, the fourth contract was for the construction of a new rail facility to support the Crenshaw/LAX lines operation.

Milestones were designed into the project due to regulatory requirements for inspection and testing. Metro, the FTA, and Department of Transportation are required to perform regular inspections of tracks, safety systems, signals, gates, and grade crossings. Once a major milestone was reached, the primary project stakeholders were notified and inspects were scheduled. To avoid delays to the project, notifications were sent as a milestone neared.

Of the lessons learned, setting milestones is probably the most important. While completing phases are milestones, in review of budgets, it is important to compare estimates to actuals. This analysis (especially with public funds) is important to ensure that something was not missed.


Metro. (2017, October 9th). About Metro. Retrieved from Metro:

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