Creating an Agenda Sample Essay

Creating an Agenda Sample Essay.

Creating an Agenda Sample Essay

Creating an Agenda

[Team Meeting Agenda]

Effective Communication in Meeting

                      Date: June 20, 2017

         Place: ABC

Meeting Roles






Buddy for absent members:

Meeting Objectives:

  1. How to make effective communication between the team members.
  2. What is the next step to achieve meeting goal.

Next Meetings dates and places:


Time                           Item                                        Type of Action                       Decision Required?

8:00                 Welcome/Introductions                     discussion                                           no

8:20                 Updates to action plans                    discussion                                           yes

9:30                 Selection of Trainers                        discussion                                           yes

12:00               Continued planning of train                        discussion                                           yes

                        the trainer event

1:00                 Commitments and takeaways,

complete meeting evaluation, &



Virtual meetings are taking the world by storm. Because of technology, many companies no longer have centralized offices for their employee’s to work out of. Many jobs do not require for the employee to actually be present. Virtual meeting is the most efficient and effective way for employees to communicate with one another without having to be present.

            Virtual meetings if not lead and facilitated correctly can ultimately end up not being effective. Typically with WebEx, to ensure a group is communicating effectively, there are options to mute, unmute, chat, and the option to raise your hand if you have something you need to say. An Instructor or Facilitator can ensure effective communication by setting the correct expectations upfront of when and how they will accept questions and take turns speaking. By having an agenda and an objective that is clearly defined and outlined in the beginning of the meeting, each team member will know what the next steps are to achieve the meeting’s goals. Characteristics of effective team’s include clearly defined roles, objective, outline, respect for one another, and communication methods and standards.

            Teamwork can be affected by many factors; such as, roles, needs, and diversity. Not having clearly defined roles can arise as an issue because it may create a lot of double work if no one has a clear sense of direction and how their personal objective will ultimately meet the team’s goal. The team will ultimately have several needs that need to be met, everyone on the team must work together to fulfill those needs. Diversity can affect team work positively, and at times, even negatively. Having too much diversity when work towards a common goal may help with one’s overall understanding of an issue, but having too many opinions may also affect the efficiency of your team.

            There are several components of diversity, but the main ones outlined in our content are personality, cultural, gender, generational, and religious.

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