Country’s economic viability essay

Country’s economic viability essay.

Country's economic viability essay

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Response 1: Krista Jagger

Krista’s report seeks to offer a different approach in determining a country’s economic viability other than the G.D.P. This approach offers relevance to ascertaining other elements of the economy. The resourceful evidence provides logical instances showing different approaches and their effects which should be considered in the determination. There is a great agreement with her discussions since the information is applicable and viable showing a wider scope to address. This discussion raises the need to research deeper into the economic elements that to better understand the viability of the country’s economy, especially during the pandemic.

Response 2: Linda Johnson

Linda’s paper shows the advantages and disadvantages of using the G.D.P to measure economic performance. This context goes to show the status of the economy with all elements discussed having a particular effect. Her discussion offers credible information in this comparison that is convincing to the reader as they are evident in the contemporary setting. The elaborate context of her discussion gives a strong approach when discerning the information. The presentation offers a marking point from which several issues in the economy regarding consumers, businesses and government payments during the pandemic can be addressed.

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