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Counseling Genuineness. APA



The main concepts that are appropriate for Ana to battle major stressors in her life are genuineness, client perception, and vulnerability. The concept of genuineness can be created by the therapist as well as the client in understanding the kind of major stressors affecting Ana (Cain, 2010). The client must ensure she provides honest information concerning activities promoting stress in her. Additionally, the concept of client perception can be understood through proper communication that exists between the therapist and Ana. Empathetic understanding can, therefore, be created in order to help in solving stress issues affecting Ana.


The person-centered theory has an edge over gestalt theory because it is able to provide an empathetic approach that is able to empower and motivate a client undergoing a therapeutic process. In addition, the theory has got the capacity to ensure a client’s potential is fulfilled appropriately (Sullivan, 2019). A client is free to provide all the information that seems to be stressing them in their daily activities. Therapeutic counseling is adequately provided by person-centered theory.


The goals of counseling include the provision of motivational and educative lessons to people. Foremost, the provision of motivational lessons has made clients like Ana to be motivated in order to accomplish her goals of having a job and fending for her baby. Counseling has been useful in promoting the goal-setting process that is useful in ensuring a client is encouraged to accomplish his or her goals. Secondly, counseling assists in educating clients to set up goals that need to promote a systematic solution to problems affecting them.


The person-centered theory is designed to help in long term counseling process that assists the client from not suffering from any form of stress and depression (Sullivan, 2019). The person-centered theory is useful in ensuring Ana is able to have a proper future full of peace without any form of stress being promoted in her life. The theory is long term and able to create positive learning experiences in a client’s life.


The counselor’s role would ensure that Ana is provided with a systematic human relationship that would ensure her troubles listen are solved. A sense of understanding would be created by the counselor in creating empathetic relation with Ana in order to solve her major stress issues. The counselor must ensure a strong sense of understanding is conveyed to all people who are undergoing the counseling process. Empathetic relation would ensure accurate understanding to be created to the clients being advised on the issues at hand (Cain, 2010).


The client’s role in counseling involves delimiting various issues that she faces which are unhealthy to her status. She elucidates the myriad issues she is going through. Foremost, she recently lost her job and has become stressed to the point that she is hopeless. Secondly, Ana allotted that she is unable to sleep as well as being overly worried. Her worries were heightened by fear of losing her home. Being that Ana is undergoing torrid situations in her life, it is effective for them to be solved when she addresses them. The significance of elaborating herself wholly ensures that her problems are understood and proper counseling given to her.


The person-centered theory is most appropriate for individuals experiencing depression and anxiety (Cain, 2010). The situations result in horrid feelings that bring about defense mechanisms which give rise to denial alongside blocking one’s self-concept. The theory addresses the social and cultural needs of the client in diverse ways. It promotes the importance of self-actualization in the client by ensuring that she becomes independent thereby increasing her self-confidence. Therapeutic sessions are to be taken by Ana to effectively realize her self-worth. On the other hand, person-centered theory can address the cultural needs of the client when the counselor listens attentively during counseling sessions. Hence, the client will speak honestly concerning her culture from where she was brought up along with the challenges she underwent therein.


Communication between Ana and her family is an issue of concern which will positively cement her relationship with her parents and siblings. Family always plays an instrumental role in the wellbeing of its members in different ways. For instance, parents can check on their children and seek to know the problems they are facing and provide requisite solutions. There is need to know Ana’s closeness with her family members to get to understand the support they have rendered to her during the hard situations she is engulfed in.


Person-centered theory has the limitation of depriving the client the chance of giving opinions along with suggestions which may be significant. A therapist is not permitted to ask the client anything. However, the therapist is only allowed to undertake his or her responsibilities by subscribing to the profession’s ethical guidelines (Patterson & Joseph, 2007). Furthermore, this approach does not follow any intervention. The therapist is only allowed to recommend sound advice to the client. Person-centered therapy has no agreement intervention as well as interactive communication which make it hard for the counselor to amply come up with issues that the client requires to be considered in resolving her problems.Counseling Genuineness


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