Corruption of the Crown Sample Essay

Corruption of the Crown Sample Essay.

Corruption of the Crown Sample Essay

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Discussions assignment is paragraph twelve of “Of Monarchy and Hereditary Succession” from Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, beginning with “This is supposing.”

For this Discussions assignment, each of you should select ONE important writing strategy, literary device, or important detail from the passage. Identify that detail by quoting it. Use quotation marks. Then explain, in as many words as necessary, how that important detail from the passage works to convey meaning that contributes to the argument of the larger text.

Requirements: 200

Corruption of the Crown

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Corruption of the Crown

The important message from the twelfth paragraph in the “Of Monarchy and Hereditary Succession” from Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, beginning with “This is supposing,” is the “corrupt influence of the crown.” This influence has swallowed the power of the house of commons. Sir William Meredith calls it a republic. However, in reality, it isn’t easy to get its correct name. The Englishmen glories the republican part of the Constitution of England. If this virtue fails, slavery supervenes.

The closer a government gets to a republic, the lesser reason it has for a king (Paine, 1908). The royal family is aware of this, contaminating the House of Commons by falsely claiming to be a republic. He disproves the assumption that hereditary monarchies prevent civil wars, pointing out that Britain has seen at least eight civil wars and nineteen rebellions throughout its history.

After considering the biblical origins of monarchy, Paine finds that it is a sinful practice. He writes that the majority of England’s recent rulers have been awful. He concludes that authority is founded on the election, random selection, or usurpation. He adds that hereditary succession brings other evils with it. For example, is the corrupt influence of the crown.


Paine, T. (1908). Common Sense: Of Monarchy and Hereditary Succession. McMaster University Archive for the History of Economic Thought.

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