Corporate Anthropology Discussion

Corporate Anthropology Discussion.

Corporate Anthropology

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Corporate Anthropology

According to Michael, one becomes an Anthropologist because the person wants to study other tribes revealing indeed who they are. The anthropologist experiences come in when they discover themselves from studying other people tribes (Linton, 1936). Traditional tribes are made of traditional cultures, but modern tribes are the organization’s culture. An organization should learn from tribes about engagement, which is offering quality serves and excellent productivity (Crapo, 2013).

Nacirema people are Americans living between Canadian Cree, Mexico, and the Antilles which has a developed market that is rich in natural habitat. Most people of Nacirema spend their day in a ritual activity which is done on the human body (Miner, 1956). When a person is sick, the only way to avoid the disease is through a ritual ceremony. Every household had shrines that were used for the ritual ceremony. The number of shrines depended on the power an individual had in the community. Influential people had several shrines and were often considered as ritual centers.

The Nacirema people practice mouth-rite as a daily body ritual, which involves holy-mouth-men who performed the ceremony. They believed, were it not for the mouth-rite, they will be no teeth, gums would bleed, and jaws shrink (Miner, 1956). The Nacirema people believe in magic so much that makes them think that magic is the source of life, and without magic, people world have perished. It is hard to understand how these people have existed for long years.

Every day at work as employees, we ensure we maintain the principles of culture, which enhances the performance of the firm. Power is a principle that contributes significantly to human behavior, preferences are about employees’ values, presence, and the pathway is how to keep culture leadership lively (Suchman, 2007).

It is my daily routine to research on new ideas that would enhance the performance of the organization. This process happens whether there is a board meeting or not. I analyze the ideas for a whole week then present the idea that is suitable for the growth and development of the firm.

An outsider may see me as a committed person because every day, I have to listen from Though Leaders and learn how they to be prolific as I do my job. I have to get a lesson and thoughts from them to develop knowledge and get great ideas in favor of the organization.


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