Conduct Exam 2023

This cutting-edge assessment platform has been making waves in the educational sector. Have you not yet experienced it? I’d like to share my experience with the platform and how it is shaping the way we approach examinations. In this article I will point out the benefits, what you expect while using the Conduct Exam in your online tests, and lastly, the challenges you might face using the platform.

What is Conduct Exam?

Conduct Exams came to my radar as I prepared for my upcoming exams. What is it? It is a platform designed to facilitate online assessments, offering a range of features that streamline the examination process and address many of the challenges students and educators face in the digital age.

What are the devices that Conduct Exam supports.

Before using the Conduct Exam, I had to research the technical specifications. Conduct Exam supports these Devices:

  • Web-based
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Desktop

Conduct Exam features.

Similar to other online proctoring software, Conduct Exam has its main features that help both educators and students run the exam.

The main features of the Conduct Exam are:

  • Highly customizable questionnaires
  • Multiple types of test question format
  • Can import questions from Word and Excel format
  • Auto-generate questionnaires based on subject or topic
  • Sync web-based and device-based accounts and exams
  • Supports IIT JEE, AIIMS PMT, GATE, CAT, MAT, etc.
  • Import and export data in Word, Excel, and PDF
  • Test series selling
  • Role-based access
  • Third-party integration
  • Instant scorecard upon test submission
  • Performance analysis by comparing with toppers
  • Bookmark test questions for review
  • Video and document download
  • Document and media-sharing

                                  My experience with Conduct Exam.

I will share my experience with you and by reading this, you will get an idea of how conducting Exams works and what are the benefits of using it.

 1. Streamlined Registration and Scheduling: One of the first things I noticed was the user-friendly registration process. It was a straightforward task to create my profile and schedule my exams.

 The platform’s intuitive design made it easy to navigate, which eased any initial apprehensions I might have had about an online examination process.

2.      Secure Assessment:

Security is a top priority in Conduct Exam 2023.

The platform employs advanced security features like

  • biometric authentication and remote proctoring to ensure the integrity of assessments.

 I felt confident that my exam experience was secure and that my results would accurately reflect my knowledge.

4.      Real-time Support:

The platform offers real-time support during exams. If any technical issues or questions arose, I could easily reach out to the support team for assistance, eliminating the stress of feeling stuck during the examination.

5.      Data Analytics and Feedback:

Conduct Exam 2023 provides robust data analytics and feedback on exam performance. After completing my assessments, I could review my results and gain insights into my strengths and areas for improvement, helping me identify where to focus my future studies.

 What are the Benefits and challenges

As I engaged with Conduct Exam 2023, several benefits became evident:

1. Convenience: The platform’s online format made it easy to take exams from the comfort of my own space. This convenience was particularly valuable for students with busy schedules or for those who were unable to travel to a physical testing center.

2. Real-time Monitoring: Conduct Exam 2023’s real-time support and monitoring features provide peace of mind for students. The knowledge that help is just a click away which reduces anxiety during your exams.


While my experience with Conduct Exam 2023 was overwhelmingly positive, it is important to acknowledge potential challenges:

  1. Privacy Concerns: Some students may have reservations about the constant monitoring of their online activities during exams. Addressing these privacy concerns is crucial.
  2. Technical Issues: The effectiveness of online proctoring solutions like Conduct Exam 2023 relies on a stable internet connection and compatible devices.

Technical issues can hinder the smooth conduct of exams.


Conduct Exam 2023 has been a game-changer in my academic journey. Its user-friendly design, robust security measures, and real-time support features have made the online examination process not only more manageable but also more secure and convenient. As technology continues to redefine education, platforms like Conduct Exam 2023 are at the forefront, bridging the gap between educators and students and shaping the future of assessments.

My experience with Conduct Exam 2023 has shown me that the future of exams is here, and it’s a future that brings security, convenience, and customization to the forefront of assessment.

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