Computer science: IT Consultation Report

Computer science: IT Consultation Report.



IT Consultation Report

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Research paper


Computer science: Information Technology (IT)

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This is a final paper for my online class. The guideline and rubric on how the paper will be graded is already attached

Four parts have been written and attached to this order with my instructor’s feedback on each paper.

Please use the critical element attached as well as this will determine my grade for the whole paper and use reference as well.

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Critical Element to Consider while writing this paper (this is needed to get all my points for this paper)

  • Business Needs
  • Hardware Component: Requirement
  • Hardware Component: Compare and contrast
  • Hardware Component: Recommendations
  • Software Application: Requirement
  • Software Application: Compare and Contrast
  • Software Application: Recommendations
  • Networking Options: Requirement
  • Networking Options: Compare and contrast
  • Networking Options: Recommendations
  • Maintenance and Security: Requirement
  • Maintenance and Security: Managing User Access
  • Maintenance and Security: Backing Up and Storing Information
  • Future Consideration
  • Articulation of Response

Please use reference as well. Thank you

            Final Project: IT Consultation Report for Milleni Ads

Oluwasegun Olagoroye

Southern New Hampshire University


In order to come up with an IT plan that is compatible with all MilleniAds’ requirement we need to analyze every single detail of your business needs. The rudimentary requirements for your business include; hardware, software, and networking. 

Firstly, we need hardware that will suit the software requirements, since the main programs include graphic design, we require large memory. Therefore upon consideration, I will recommend high quality and high-resolution monitor, a high-quality color printer, a router or network switch, a multiple cored CPU with the ability to a, for instance, a core i7 processor, with an 8GB RAM. Also for the staff that will not necessarily deal with graphic designs such as the accountant, office administrator and sales staff can use laptops, printers, and scanners. For the employees who will be spending most of their time in the field or outside the office, they may use tablets or laptops.

Secondly, the software requirements for your company will definitely prescribe the hardware requirements. With the fact that your company is an advertising company, I will recommend the use of design-based software such as the adobe photoshop, Adobe Indesign and adobe illustrator. All these software requires a specific type of hardware to run without any problem. For the purposes of sharing files or documents with the clients, I would recommend the use of google drive or drop box. I will also recommend the use of the Microsoft office suite packages such as word, powerpoint, outlook and excel for their regular office tasks. For the purpose of monitoring the employees especially those in the field, I would recommend the use of Hub staff. Finally, under networking, I would recommend the use of a virtual private network to enable access to the company’s information for the staff members that would want to access the company’s resources.

Thirdly, the company requires networking as it will enable the staff to share information and store it. My recommendation to the company is to use both wireless and wired network connections. For the wired connection, this can be utilized by the staff who use PCs, which will help save money on wireless adapters and wireless access points. For the employees using laptops, phones, and tablets to accomplish their day to day tasks, I will recommend the use of the wireless network as it supports flexibility. I will also recommend the use of a server computer which will facilitate communication with clients allowing future growth of the business as compared to peer.

Lastly, information security is mandatory for the purposes of safeguarding the company’s data and technological assets. I will recommend the use of Norton antivirus software and a Barracuda Web Security Gateway firewall. 


 The computers that will be purchased for MilleniAds will have the capability to address the needs of 10 employees of the company such as creative directors, graphic designers, sales staff, and financial accountant. The computers that will be purchased according to the two categories i.e. standard office use and for graphic designers’ use. Therefore we require two types of CPU specifications and type of graphics cards (Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 7; GTX 1050 Ti graphic card). Besides this difference, all the computers for the company will be the same. The computing capability of these computers will also support the needs of all the software that will be installed in these computers such as Windows 10, Windows Office, Skype, and Photoshop. Besides all these specifications, the company will also need routers, modem and Fiber internet connection for networking; and a Norton Anti-virus Basic for security.

It is important that the choice of CPU should require less maintenance since the company is still small and will not require permanent IT personnel. The graphic designers require a Rzyen 7 1800x CPU, with its eight cores, can run multiple programs and can support software such as Photoshop that demands higher CPU power. Like Ryzen 3, this CPU needs minimal maintenance. The Ryzen 3 2200g, with its four cores, can run numerous programs at the same time without the possibility of slowing down the system. It also has the AMD Radeon Vega 8 chipset for standard graphics. This is perfect for standard PC that operates on standard software such as Windows 10 and Windows Office

A Windows 10 operating system requires 1 GHz of CPU speed with 1 GB RAM and 16 GB of hard disk space. It requires DirectX 9 or later graphics card with a display of 800×600. This best suits the needs of MilleniAds as this is the standard OS for computers. Maintenance of this OS is at the minimal. The Corsair RMX Series 750 Watts is a power supply that is fully modular and is 80 Plus Gold certified for lower power consumption, cooler temperatures and less noise. This then suits the needs of all the computers for MilleniAds and needs minimal maintenance.

The  GigaByte Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi motherboard is an ATX board that have availability for more expansion and homed at mid-tower cases. It has an advanced thermal design with multi-cut heat-pipe and heat-sinks. This address needs of all computers, both for office work and graphics work in MilleniAds. This motherboard has a minimal maintenance issue.

After analyzing some RAM Facts, I recommend the use of G.SKILL Trident RGB Series 16GB, which is a 2x 8GB RAM that fits for DDR4 slot. It has a Cas latency of 15 and voltage of 1.2V. This fits well the needs of all the computers for Milleni Ads. It is expected that this can last for the lifetime of the computer.

Video Cards help the computer to display better pictures on the monitors. The GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB belongs to the GeForce GTX 10 series with cards powered by Pascal, which can deliver thrice the performance of earlier generation of graphics cards. It also has gaming technologies as well as VR capabilities. This will serve as the graphics cards support for the computers of the graphic artists. It is also expected that this video card will last for years. The use of ASUS Sound Card Essence STX II, which produces legendary audio quality with the industry-leading 124dB SNR will addresses the needs of all computers for MilleniAds.

For the purpose of storage, I recommend the Seagate Barracuda internal hard drive which can store 1 TB data in a 3.5-inch hard drive. This fits well with the needs of all the computers for MilleniAds. This model also is known for its durability, so maintenance is at the minimum.

With the above analysis in mind, I recommend that the use of an 8 PC package which includes; 18.5 inches monitors, 1tb hard-disks, 4 GB RAM and with CPU speed provided by Ryzen 3. These computers will be utilized by sales staff, financial accountants, and office administrators for their regular office work. Two computers will have better specifications as these computers will be utilized by graphic designers. These two computers will have Ryzen 7 and GTX 1060 graphics cards, 1 TB Hard disk and 16GB RAM so graphic designers can efficiently work on brochures, sales flyers, and other branded items like letterhead and business cards. It is also advised that each department sales staff, accountants and office administrator have two regular inkjet printers. On the other hand, there will also be one inkjet printer for their graphic works. For other purposes these graphic designers, they will also have two Wacom Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablets for PC priced at $375. The two field employees, on the other hand, will have two laptops with i5 CPU speed for their use once they are in the field


The software applications that your company needs to install needs to be tailored to your specific requirements such as graphic design and the normal software needed to run some office tasks such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook programs. One of the challenges that businesses go through is choosing between open source software or proprietary software.

An open source software is any software that can be freely accessed and its source code can be read and modified by users. (Open-source-software). Proprietary software is software that is owned and cannot be distributed without a license. In my opinion, you will need both types of software applications as some have more advantages than their counterpart alternatives.

The Windows 10 operating system can keep files safe using BitLocker and owners can get the same security on storage devices. The operating system also supports accessing PC or tablets virtually everywhere. This operating system is best for small businesses like MilleniAds with enhanced features and functionality and armed with powerful management tools as well as enterprise-grade security. Windows 10 will be the default operating systems for all computers in MilleniAds. (Paul, 2018)

Windows Office 2016 is an upgrade from the same brand and version 2013. This Windows Office has a Business and Home version of the Outlook plus the basic software such as Word and Excel. It also has PowerPoint that can help in presentations. This software offers new administrative features but it is the same with the previous version in terms of the interface so users cannot get lost in using this software. It is expected that there is no sharp learning curve in getting used to this software. As this software version is almost similar to the previous version, the selling point of Windows Office 2016 is its capability for document sharing. This will be the default software programs for the creation of files for MilleniAds which all of its employees can use. Meanwhile, if MilleniAds signs up for Microsoft 365, it can store its documents in the cloud where others can access them. Other permitted members can edit and add to these documents in real time given they have Microsoft Office 2016.

Photoshop works on mobile, desktop, or the web where it can fix contrast, exposure, tone, and color of photos. It can also apply filters. It can make photos standout with professional processing and post-processing. It is best when used for capturing attention with beautiful, high-impact visuals. With this software, it can adjust the color, clarity, and tone as well as create image manipulation effects that are suited well for graphics works. This software can take a notch higher any graphical works. This can be had on a subscription-based purchase and can serve well the graphic artists of MilleniAds.

Zoho Books is subscription-based accounting software. It has enough features that can meet and address the accounting demands of a small business needs without paying an expensive price. This accounting software can sync with the bank account of the company and assist in the creation and sending of invoices. It has time and expense-tracking features that is best compared with other software. The basic plans for this software can track billable hours and can accommodate as many as 50 contacts. On the other hand, the Standard Plans can support two users and can work on 500 contacts. Inventory tracking is possible in the Professional Plan. This plan has 10 users and can accommodate as many contacts as you wish. The financial accountant of MilleniAds can take advantage of this software and management the accounting aspect of the company.


Milleni Ads do not need a very huge network but they require an expandable network. The network needs to be accessed from both inside the office and outside the office. MilleniAds will need a modem, routers, and Fiber internet connection for their networking connections of both wired and wireless connections. It is advised that MilleniAds get a Fiber Internet speed of 100 Mbps which is connected to a server computer, so it can provide smooth service for all its employees and clients

Wireless connectivity will be achieved with the help of routers, all the employees of the company will have access to the Fiber internet connection via wifi. This will be complemented by a USB wifi adapter that is attached to all computers in the office. This wifi setup will provide continuous internet connection for all employees and enable sharing documents between the creative directors, sales staff, financial accountant and graphic designers. A wired network will be installed using a Fiber connection from an ISP. This connection has no data cap and access to information from the internet is limitless. This speed is enough to service the needs of all employees of MilleniAds who may need to research online for their work.

MilleniAds will be provided by Windows 10. With this homegroup, all employees of the company can share files and printers. Employees can share files through File Explorer. Employees can also choose from different methods of sharing through email, nearby sharing, Microsoft Store App or OneDrive. With this sharing options, employees can allow editing, set expiration date, send a link via email, share the link in social media, and set a password.

The field employees will have their own Samsung Galaxy 10 with a wifi dual-band, Wifi Hotspot, and Wifi Direct. This will enable the field employees to report to the company of their whereabouts and can be detected by GPS. The remote desktop computer will have the same specifications as for the standard computers used in the office. This will be connected on the Internet with own internet connection with speed not lower than 25 Mbps.

To conclude, the hardware, software and networking needs of MilleniAds will be addressed by the specifications and details as mentioned above.


It is believed that a safe and secure online environment fosters trust and confidence and eventually contributes to a more productive and stable community. However, the reality is that all systems face a risk of being breached, therefore a data breach is said to spell the death of any company. In any company who relies on internet connectivity for their normal operations, a computer security response plan (CSIRP) is necessary. This plan needs to have details on the procedures and processes that any security personnel can use to respond to a security breach or any security incident. When developing the CSIRP plan the most important concept is to understand what exactly you are protecting and against what threat. For the plan to be effective it needs to adapt to the current trends. Since this is a small company and it may not have an IT expert to monitor the whole system, It is advised that the company take a risk-based approach to decide on which security approach to take. In this approach, we start with the high-risk data parts of the system then move to the part of the system with a lower risk data. This approach is very budget friendly as it is unique to the system that is being analyzed. (Chris Pogue, 2018)

For Milleni Ads I recommend that the CEO holds full authority to all files, setting up of departmental folders which can only be accessed by the respective departments, use of user authorized log-ins, monitoring of employee account usage and putting in place tight policies and controls on the third party usage and access. Also, I would recommend the latest updated version of the Barracuda Web Security Gateway firewall with Norton antivirus.

On the issue of backing up data I recommend the three ways backing up a system where sensitive data is regularly backed up on the cloud, a copy is backed up on the drive on the computer and a copy of the same documents on a remote or portable hard drive. This could also be applied to your server. With such a backing up system it is almost guaranteed that your data will be easily retrievable and secure. In the market currently, the best-recommended software for backing up data is Windows as it has remarkable backing up options.


One of the most important aspects of a business is the ability to adapt to future needs. The issues that are of major concern are the security, network and user management. The most important question a company could ask is; “is your network scalable?” Milleni Ads’ network is scalable since it has a network plan which is server-client based. In this setup, the company is assured that with the increase of employees or clients the network is expandable because all the information is accessed from a single point, which will work similarly for a larger network. Keeping in mind that the security issues grow proportionally to the size of the network, an IT expert or professional will be required.


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