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Computer science : Information Technology (IT)



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Computer science : Information Technology (IT)

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Initiatives to be tackled together rather as a program rather than as separate projects.

            The choice of handling projects together as programs rather than as separate programs is entirely based on the time that each initiative is taking and what each initiative aims at achieving. Some initiatives require the same manpower and other resources to complete. Those initiative taking the least time possible, that is, less than six months to implement, they should be handles together as simple programs. For instance, implementing an online job recruiting and posting requires an interface with the Human Resource system and therefore the initiative could be tackled together with upgrading the human resource system into a better newer version (Grant & Collins, 2016). The initiatives are concurrent and the completion of one depends on how the one will be completed. The two initiatives take same amount of time to implement, that is, six months.

            Integrating Consultant Onboarding and Time Tracking (COTT) functionality into the system and implementing various enhancements to multiple company systems could also be implemented together as programs rather than as projects especially because their implementation time is three (3) and below. Enhancements of multiple organization’s system take less than five (5) day for each system (Grant & Collins, 2016). Consultant Onboarding and Time Tracking (COTT) functionality into the system is estimated to take three months or less. Both initiatives aim at improving the systems of an institution using the least time possible. Both their implementation improve the efficiency of a company in its service delivery.

Specify to which category each IT initiative belongs to: program(s), project(s) or Operation(s)

            Assimilating Consultant Onboarding and Time Tracking (COTT) functionality into the system is a program. It is regarded as a program because its implementation that takes approximately three months and a long time will pass before an upgrade is required. Upgrading the human resource system into a newer version is an operation that takes approximately 18 months. The operation may involve complete change of the infrastructure of the human resource systems (Dowell & Muthulingam, 2017). Online job posting and recruitment is a program that occurs once in a while whenever opportunities arise. Implementing of an online Employee Performance Evaluation System (EPES) is a company operation that takes at least 12 months for its implementation and it focuses on improving the performance of employees. Enhancement of pre-ledger and general ledger systems is a company operation and take twelve to 18 months to be implemented. Its main focus is accountability by the employees in the institution. Providing support for all IT applications that are used by both finance and the HR is an institution operation that reduces time spent of carrying certain activities.

Identify dependencies between initiatives (your team’s and other IT groups’) How do they Impact

            An online Employee Performance Evaluation System (EPES) could be used by multiple groups or different IT organizations, simply because most IT groups perform similar tasks. It could be done by creating different logins for the different groups and organization. Formulation of such a system would be cheaper for the organizations involved due to the cost sharing factor (Dowell & Muthulingam, 2017). Human resource unit in an organization is responsible for recruiting and posting job openings, implementing an online system for this would be cheap and would be effective in saving time. A company may partner with another organization and have their IT groups come up with a website where online recruitment and job posting would be done.


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Grant, G. G., & Collins, R. (2016). The Value Imperative: Harvesting Value from Your IT Initiatives. Springer.

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