Comparison of Fitness Awareness Essay

Comparison of Fitness. This assignment is designed to give you better awareness of what types of facilities are out there. When you graduate from USF and do not have access to on-campus fitness facilities, what type of place would interest you? Where would you want to spend your money?

Comparison of Fitness

Undeniably, a physically healthy person has the chance of living life to its full extend. As commonly said, health is wealth, and physical finesses lead to mental stability, thus preventing the occurrence of medical conditions resulting from the contemporary way of life. Not only do the fitness centers and facilities conveniently enable people to stay healthy by bringing the services closer to home, but they also help in the overall wellbeing and achieving fitness goals. After touring and comparingly LA Fitness, Planet Fitness, and Shaq 24 Hours fitness facilities, I opted to join LA Fitness as its services and facilities are in line with my fitness goal of maintaining current. BMI.

LA Fitness

The LA Fitness Gym, located in Olympia Heights 8310 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155, Florida, is convenient as it only requires a few minutes’ drives from home. The club charges a whopping $29.88 in monthly fees for a membership that gives one access to a single club of the facility. The facilities offer immense services to its members. First, LA Fitness has a relaxing place for chatting before and after engaging in the workout activities. There is selectorized equipment for the state-of-the-art machines for various muscle groups, including cardiovascular, treadmills, rowing, upright bike, ellipticals, recumbent exercise bike, stair mill, spin bike, and the resistance machines. There are designated stretching and bodyweight services with a different set of equipment, including stability and medicine balls and foam rollers. The cycle classes take place daily. The club offers group fitness with a variety of group formats, including body works, Yoga and Zumba, and nutrition programs. The weight services employ equipment such as barbells and dumbbells.

LA Fitness clients that wish to have personal training are given workout experiences as per their demands. There is a basketball court that doubles as a volleyball court, depending on the clients’ specifications. Additionally, the is also a pool for aqua fit classes for both kids and adults, and a 3-lane lap swimming. Notably, the club stays open from 5 am to 10 pm. To ensure the safety of all its clients, LA Fitness takes necessary precautionary measures by offering safety lockers and repairing broken workout equipment, clean the pool, and the changing areas. Additionally, there are safety kits and personnel at all designated workout places to ensure everyone is safe. Additionally, all the staff, starting from the receptionist to the gym and pool instructors, are friendly and helpful, especially when one needs clarifications on the services offered.

Planet Fitness

The facility, located at 8524 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33144 Florida, is a bit far from my home as compared to the LA fitness. Unlike the above facility that charges $29.88, Planet Fitness costs $10 for a classic membership and with no commitment option. Just like LA Fitness, Planet Fitness has a seating area for relaxing. However, some classes are free trainers and others that go for as low as $10 a month. Although fewer than LA Fitness’, training equipment here range from exercise bikes, ellipticals, treadmills, and to Stairmasters, dumbbell racks of different sizes, rack of different sized barbells, smith machines for squats and deadlifts, incline press, chest press, shoulder press, C AB, sled, pull-up, and bicep curl machines. Uniquely, the facility has a 30-minute workout circuit with tools like the stretch and ball trampoline used after the main workout session.

Additionally, there is a stretching zone with a 360 machine, stand-up tanning, full-body enhancement, and a hydro-massage machine for relaxation. Nonetheless, the facility lacks a swimming service. Unlike LA Finesses, Planet Fitness offers a 24-hour service to all its clients. Planet Finesses is committed to health and safety codes, as stipulated by the law. The changing areas are clean although they get untidy in the evening after being in use by many clients. The employees treat their clients with courtesy, fairness, dignity, and respect as they emphasize on their concepts, services, and products. The employees report to the management of all cases of accidents, unsafe conditions, and practices occurring within the facility.

Shaq 24 Hours

The sports club is a partnership with 24-Hour fitness. The facility, located at 8400 Mills Dr, Kendall, FL 33183, is the furthest of the three from my home. The club is not as endorsed compared to LA Fitness and Planet Fitness. However, it has a basketball area, a swimming pool for adults and kids, and a variety of fitness classes. There are cardio types of equipment available, namely rowing, skiErg, stepmill, air bike, treadmill, cycling bikes, skill mill, and spin bikes. Similarly, to LA Fitness, Shaq has a nutrition program covering a variety of health aspects.Comparison of Fitness

Additionally, there are Lap Pool, Whirlpool, Sauna, and Steam Room, although smaller than those in LA Fitness. Unlike the afore-described fitness facilities, Shaq charges more, $50, despite having fewer amenities. The facility opens early at 8 am although it becomes busy in the evening hours before it closes at 9 pm. Due to overcrowding, the facility is not as clean as expected. Additionally, some machines are partially or wholly unfunctional, waiting for repair. During the visit, the receptionist I found was not as helpful since he could not provide me with all the details I needed. My fitness goal is to maintain current BMI through proper exercising and incorporation of the appropriate nutritional program. Therefore, I eliminate Planet Fitness as it does not offer the latter. I also would not work with Shaq as its cleanliness are not at par with my standards. Despite being the most expensive of the three, LA fitness caters to all my fitness goals, therefore the best option for my fitness goals.Comparison of Fitness

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