Communication Skills Essay Sample Paper

Communication Skills Essay Sample Paper.

Communication Skills Essay Sample Paper

How Good Are Your Communication Skills?


            My score was a 56. The feedback I received was that I understand my role as a communicator, both when I send messages, and when I receive them. I anticipate problems and choose the right ways of communicating. People respect me for my ability to communicate clearly, and they appreciate my listening skills. However, there are some aspects or concepts that a very important that should be covered. At my job, we practice a concept called the PAC model. The concepts explains how adults communicate in there different ego stances. P stands for Parent, A for Adult, and C for Child. The thought is that if your message comes across as if you’re telling someone to do something, just because, you’re approaching the situation as a parent would. The response you would get is the stance of a child; not fully bought in and questioning your decisions. This also works vice-versa, speaking from the child ego-state, complaining and pouting without any solutions. The Parent ego-state will state the why, be reasonable, meaningful, and thoughtful in their message. By practicing speaking from the Parent ego-state, you will gain more buy-in and engagement from your associates leading to higher performance.


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