Communication Sample Essay Paper

Communication Sample Essay Paper.


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Communication Sample Essay Paper

Chapter 9

Uncalculated risks are risks that happen without ones knowledge. They are the opposite of calculated risks because with calculated risks, the person involved knows to some extent he or she may experience some loses or damages and one is always prepared with that. Inference and observation is much involved in uncalculated risk situation. On the contrary, inference-observation and risking are inevitable in the world and we only have to deal with them every day.  One has to observe something or infer and without realizing that it wasn’t a fact but a mere assumption that is when one decides to take an action that ends up causing destructions and damages.

Usually, after the occurrence of uncalculated risks, the person who took an assumption and the inference as facts is the one being blamed for all the destruction. Since the inference-observation confusion is the main cause of uncalculated risks, people need to do the following five things: detecting the inference, calculating the risks, getting more data, recalculating the risk and lastly labeling the inference in order to avoid being involved in uncalculated risks.

In detection of the risk, one has the ability to notice if they are already inferring or not and that helps one to know that what they think is not a fact but an assumption. After one is sure that they are inferring, they are able to evaluate the kind of risks they are getting involved in. One can measure the probability that the inference is real or not. The person inferring is then required to try and get more information for the assurance that the inference is true. Also recalculation of risks is more important so as to figure out if the risk is a good one. Lastly, one needs to label the inference to avoid the uncalculated risk and hurting other people at the end. Labeling of inference can be done by allowing other people to hear what you think and let them advise you. By following that procedure uncalculated risks can be avoided.

Inference –observation confusion being the pathway for the occurring uncalculated risks, I witnessed a situation where such thing occurred. I was in a motorbike when the cyclist inferred on the signal made by the car which was in front of us. Forgetting that it was only an assumption, we ended up being involved in an accident but lucky enough it was not very serious. By applying the above procedures and every step in it such situation could have been avoided and could still be avoided in future.

Chapter 10

Bypassing is a word that defines miscommunication and it happens when the involved parties miss each other’s meanings. Usually, the communicators can use same words to mean different things or different words to mean the same thing. The main cause of this miscommunication is assumptions by the communicators that words have mono usage or sometimes even forget that words can be manipulated by the users to mean what they want them to. Bypassing occurs almost everywhere including homes, in schools, organizations and work places. Its consequences can either be apparent agreement or disagreement and so can bring about humor and sometimes catastrophes.

There are several ways of helping people curb the problem of bypassing without insulting their intelligence. People fond of bypassing are advised to always be person minded and not word minded, query and paraphrase, be approachable, use back up methods, delay a day among many others.

First, being person minded and not word minded is an effective measure in curbing bypassing issue. Words can have several meanings and it is only the users that will be able to tell what they mean or intend to mean by using them and therefore is more important to get that meaning from the user of the word than struggling to use the usual meaning and end up getting everything wrong. Also, finding the meaning from the user will help not only eliminate bypassing but safe the time that could have been wasted in struggling to figure out the meaning from the word. Person minded means asking the speaker to give you the right meaning of the words and this goes together with query and paraphrasing. Listeners and receivers of messages should not be ashamed to ask because it helps in getting the right thing and avoids bypassing. Paraphrasing also enables the speaker to clarify their meaning when they find out that the listener didn’t get it well.

Communication being two ways involving the sender and the receiver, senders need to be approachable since it is the only thing that will encourage the receivers to ask questions as well as paraphrase. Many times, the senders feel insecure that listeners may be asking questions to challenge or test their intelligence and so end up not giving them enough room to ask many questions. For this reason, many problems are later experienced from such defensive attitude of the senders. To avoid bypassing, approachability should be maintained.

Use of back up methods of communication can also help in limiting bypassing problem and this means incorporating several methods in communication. Apart from face to face communication, the people involved can also write down things as they talk for future reference. Also, if one is not sure of the message to send or understands the message received, delaying for a day or so is important as someone can get something out of the message if there is enough time.

I found myself in a bypassing situation with one of my teachers. The cause of the bypassing was concentrating on the usual meaning of words rather than engaging the person speaking them. My teacher told me “Call me Belinda” to mean that I should call her by her name which was Belinda but I assumed that she meant that I should call someone by the name Belinda. Being person minded rather than words minded could have helped and still will help in avoiding this problem.

Chapter 11

Allness is an attitude whereby one abstracts something about anything assuming that they know everything but not knowing that they hurt people who really know the truth. It is manifested in several ways which are discussed under this chapter. The main cause of allness is abstraction and in order for one to prevent allness abstraction needs to be dealt with. People first need to know that no one knows everything about anything.

Lastly, everyone needs to exercise humility in their every speech. A good example of humility in speeches is portrayed by witnesses in courts. Humility enables one to tell the truth in their speeches. Even though abstraction is inescapable, one can be able to tell one single thing they know about someone and be honest with it. In that way, abstraction could have been reduced.

 In one occasion while seated with my colleagues, I ran into a situation where people started arguing about a politician and one of the individuals involved kept on saying how he knew the politician and how good he was in terms of generosity. The two argued as the others got bored with the talk which was now a serious argument that brought quarrels. The situation could have been avoided by one of the parties involved accepting the fact that no one knew everything about anything. Accepting the defeat and playing humble could have been the most effective way of ending the argument. Further, education about the existence of allness could help avoiding the recurrence of such behavior.

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