Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Essay

Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Essay.

Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Essay

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Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Worksheet

Complete the following table.

 Description (50-100 words)
Clinical Assessment        Any assessment needs not only the same testing method for every case, but it also must take into account the variable that occur in daily life. Something as simple as the day of the week or the temperature of the day of the evaluation can change the results. Keeping everything as close as possible to the first evaluation will result in the most consistent results each time. Consistency in testing criteria and results will always lead to better outcomes in any research no matter what the topic is.
Diagnosis        Much like assessing something or someone, coming up with a diagnosis will be most reliable when the information gathered was done so in a reliable and recreatable method. Always taking into account the fact that many variables will always be present and notating any key variables present each time an assessment is accomplished. If we raise the number of independent researchers involved in anyone case, we raise the percentage of validity with any diagnosis so long as the people involved use the data and not their own perception of the individual.
Treatment        Treatment of any legitimate mental disorder will be a long term and fluctuating work in progress. As humans take medication over a long period of time, the medication can lose effectiveness of alter its effect depending on that humans health, state of decay or progress from treatment as well as surroundings on a daily basis. This is why regular visits to ones doctor as well as mental health provider should be kept. Beside the mental disorder itself, as many variables as possible need to be tracked to maintain the proper treatment of the individual to maintain a state of normalcy.  

Answer the following questions in 150-200 words each.

  1. What role does the DSM-5 play in clinical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment?

The DSM-5 uses a classification system that gives doctors a long list of metal disorders with common accompanying disorders or traits as well as historical data to build upon a strong diagnosis for a patient. It requires that doctors use information from their patients assesments to build a case for which they can accurately diagnose and start a treatment plan for the patient. The doctors use the list of disorders from the DSM-5 manual, along with any accompanying traits or disorders to narrow down the affliction as well as the degree of severity. With the information provided by the manual as well as the doctors training and the patient assessments, the doctor should be able to work out a treatment plan. The problem with a black and white approach to mental disorders is that nothing in life, especially with metal illness operates on a black and white scale.

  • What is an example of abnormal psychology that you have seen in your community?

A large portion of the members that served in my unit have been diagnosed with severe depression, multiple personality disorders, severe paranoia with crippling anxiety that led to two suicides. Most of these were brushed to the side and ignored along with the physical disorders that we accumulated along the way. 100% of this happened due in part to the work we did and the leeway that the commanding officer allowed the satalite commands to have in regard to recording or reporting of these events to the Medical facility that was to look over us post deployments. The turnover rate was not high due to these disorders due to the commands ability to maintain control over every facet of our careers and lives. If you stepped out of line or tried to seek help, you feared harsh repurcussions in many varied forms with no none limits. I have since met service men who had been stationed there far prior to my recruitment for the position and the stories remained the same. Decades of mental and physical use and abuse beyond what anyone could deem as acceptable.

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