Civic education Sample Essay Paper

Civic education Sample Essay Paper.

Civic education Sample Essay Paper



April 16, 2018

Thesis Statement: The government can help alleviate obesity through civic education on nutritional benefits of healthy eating, sponsoring physical exercise campaigns to help people reduce weight and decree all manufacturers to label the correct amount of calories.

Civic education on nutritional benefits of healthy eating

            One way the government can help to alleviate the problem of obesity among the citizens is through civic education on the nutritional benefits of healthy living. Public education will help to provide knowledge and skills on the relationship between eating a proper diet and living a healthy life. It will also assist to address the safe preparation of food as an essential and enjoyable aspect of life. Civic education will also help people to discover any barriers to making healthy food choices and will offer solutions to overcome the obstacles identified. It will also act as a form of therapy whereby teachers can help the obese students by imparting health messages on how to live a healthy life. The government can also use civic education to alleviate obesity by putting up television programs in the media to help people live a healthy life.

Sponsoring physical exercise campaigns

            The government can also alleviate obesity by establishing and sponsoring various physical exercise campaigns, which will help people to reduce their weight. It can sponsor campaigns like the general healthy eating campaigns, eat fewer campaigns, keeping your body fit campaigns and change for life campaigns. The campaigns will help to instill healthy eating and exercising habits to the young people who are obese. They will also help the individuals to address all areas of their life so that they may have a better health future with no illnesses. Therefore, with government’s intervention in sponsoring the physical exercise campaigns, the number of individuals having obesity is set to reduce.

Decree all manufacturers to label the correct amount of calories

            The government of the United States can also reduce obesity by ensuring all the manufacturers label their containers with the right amount of calories. By doing so, will help individuals to know the right amounts of calories they are consuming thus they will be able to avoid foods having high calories content. Food labels are vital as they communicate information about what you are eating. Therefore, the government has to ensure the food products are certified and information contained in the labels is correct so that people with obesity can consume the right products. It can also educate the citizens on the right amount of calories needed. The recommended calorie consumption content is 2000 calories depending on the person’s sex and other physical characteristics. 30 percent of the calorie intake is expected to come from fat. The consumers also have to know which foods best suit them. For instance, consuming foods with fibre, proteins and vitamins will help to reduce obesity.


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