Child Prodigies: Genius Children

Child Prodigies: Genius Children

Child prodigies lie at one of the extreme ends of intelligence—the high end. Most prodigies would be, by IQ alone, considered to be “gifted,” meaning they have an IQ score of 130 or higher. In addition, prodigies have a superior talent in one or more domains—music, math, or art, to name a few. How does a child of genius fit into the world of his peers or even of his parents?

Genius Children


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Genius Children

Most children who suffer prodigy are the ones under ten years, and probably produce meaningful output in some domain to the level of an adult. In other definitions, one can claim that they are bringing up a gifted child. However, as a parent bringing up kids, one can tell whether their children are genius or not if they have unusual memory, pass intellectual milestones before birth, they show unusual hobbies, are intolerant to other children, and if they set impossible standards which might be too high than they can accommodate among others. In common lifestyles they are different with their peer’s behaviours and therefore find it hard to fit in the world of their friends and relatives. This is because, most genius children prefer adult company than that of their peers, are focused and determined, possess leadership skills and outdo their peers in everything among others (Tapp, 2019).

For them to fit in the world around them, genius children have to learn how to lower their IQ to the level of their age mates and also to regulate when in company of adults.  By lowering their IQ and reducing their daily behaviours, they have to reduce questioning, reduce to control everyone around them, learn to listen and learn to tolerate other children. For this to happen, the parents or guardians and teachers at school have to play a role of developing the skills, values, attitudes and attributes necessary for lifetime success and to assist them to learn how to handle for smoother relationship (Tapp, 2019). With these teachings, they will then be able to think right, behave right and understand when to do something and when not to, depending on who they are accompanying.


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