Characteristic of Jeffersonian Republicanism Essay

Characteristic of Jeffersonian Republicanism Essay.

Characteristic of Jeffersonian Republicanism Essay

HIS 101 Chapter 7 Open-Book Reading Quiz

  1. Which of the following is NOT characteristic of Jeffersonian Republicanism?

When Jefferson began to have children with Sally Hemings (one of his slaves), he gradually began to free his slaves. He accelarated emancipation when he became president.

  • Which of the following is NOT true about Marbury v. Madison?

Jefferson “fumed” over the decision, and used his veto to stop Marshall.

  • In economics, Jefferson never really understood how banks functioned, and he repealed Hamilton’s whiskey tax, and he cut the military budget in half.


  • Which of the following is NOT true about the Louisiana Purchase?

The Louisiana Territory was limited to what is the state of Louisiana today.

  • What were Lewis and Clark hoping to discover about the Missouri River?

If the river reached the Pacific Ocean.

  • Which of the following is NOT true about Aaron Burr?

Burr successfully separated part of the Louisiana Territory from the United States and became it’s ruler with the help of the US Army.

  • The Embargo Act (1807) was a success for Thomas Jefferson and for the US economy.


  • Unlike Jefferson, who wanted to use economic power to enforce free trade on the seas, James Madison wanted to use military power, by creating a strong navy to impose US policy on other nations.


  • Which of the following was NOT true about the outbreak of the War of 1812?

Every Federalist in Congress supported the declaration of war in 1812.

  1. At the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811, Tecumseh’s Indian Confederacy defeated William Henry Harrison and about 1000 American troops.


  1. Which of the following was NOT true about the War of 1812?

At the Battle of Horshoe Bend, in 1814, Red Stick Creeks destroyed an army led by Andrew Jackson. This was the worst defeat every inflicted by Native Americans on US forces.

  1. As in the Revolutionary War, in the War of 1812, the British offered freedom to runaway slaves.  The British recruited some 400 former slaves in an all-black military unit called the Colonial Marines.


  1. The fact that US troops were defeated in Canada, while US forces won victories on the Great Lakes, and Washington, D.C. was burnt, while Baltimore was saved, shows the neither side was completely winning or losing the War of 1812.


  1. Which of the following is NOT true about The Treaty of Ghent?

It was signed on Christmas Eve in Ghent, which is just outside of Philadelphia.

  1. At the Battle of New Orleans, Andrew Jackson of Tennessee commanded an American force including militiamen, Native Americans, and African Americans.  They lost about 71 men, the British lost about 2,100.


  1. The Battle of New Orleans was a stunning victory for the US, but it was fought after the Treaty of Ghent was signed, so the war was actually already over.


  1. At the Hartford Convention in December, 1814, New England Federalists, even those who did not support the War of 1812, pledged support of the US Military and President Madison until the War was over.


  1. The Federalist Party was able to survive the shame of disloyalty due to the Hartford Convention, but only because the War of 1812 ended within weeks of the Convention.


  1. The economic disruption caused by The War of 1812 helped move the USA towards economic independence (for example, the shortage of imported cotton cloth encouraged cotton manufacturing in New England, such as at Waltham, MA).


  • No longer supported by the British, Native Americans were the most devastated of any side that fought in The War of 1812.


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