Changes in Online Advertising Essay

Changes in Online Advertising Essay.

Changes in Online Advertising Essay

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Web search activity and Project intro

I attached the assignments below. My research question is: How is online advertising changing?

Requirements: See attachment

Changes in Online Advertising  

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Changes in Online Advertising

Online advertising uses the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers who wish to purchase online. Over the years, the internet has drastically changed and continues to change online advertising whereby it provides more platforms and places to advertise than there were before. The improved technology and the availability of ICO regulation rules have contributed to the change in online advertising. The internet has become a major source of information consumption for both consumers and advertisers hence replacing the old forms of advertising. Online advertising has therefore introduced the use of website advertising, email marketing, and social media marketing. The instant access of the internet to current information makes it easier for online advertising since most people are widely using the internet. According to Tavor (2011), advertising using television, newspaper billboards, and direct emails is based on a large exposure of and a wide audience. On the other hand, online advertising is based on few channels but still reaches a mass of people within a short period. Internet advertising allows people to market both products and services on different platforms since most families have access to internet services which has an audience bigger than the entire historical audience.


Tavor, T. (2011). Online advertising development and their economic effectiveness. Australian Journal of Business and Management Research1(6), 121.

Web Search Activity Answers Template


IMPORTANT!   When you open a document directly from a web page, your computer will usually place the document in a “temporary” folder.  It is crucial that you save the document to a different location (desktop or thumb drive, for example) before you spend hours entering your work into it.

If you are at all unsure how to save a downloaded file to a stable location, then do this instead:  Go to your word processing program, open a new/blank document, and save it. Then copy and paste the contents of this template into your own document.


Your Name:

2.         How many results when you run the two searches?

UC Davis —        319 000 000 results                   

UC Davis pepper spray meme —   305 000 results                             

3.         Craft a search formulation using all three terms (spam block stop) and including the OR operator.

Spam stop OR block

4.         Using the minus-sign operator, find a recipe for fries that can be made with something other than potatoes. Copy a link to that recipe onto your document. 

No-Potato French Fries | Better Homes & Gardens

5.         Run a wildcard search. Copy any two sentences or phrases that you find using this search method.

I would like to apply for an internship in one of my uncle’s workplace but I do not know whether it is right to talk to him first?

Had I not presented the assignment on time I would have been suspended.

6.         When was last cached?  Copy the date into your document.

This google cache of /web free cache. Php. It is a snapchat of the page as it appeared on 6 July 2021 13:15:15 GMT.

7.         Briefly describe two reasons why you might want to access a cached page.

To view the changes in competitors site whereby the cached page will help check out the specific changes made as well as the number of updates made.

To diagnose content error by being able to see the older versions of the webpage in order to make positive changes.

8.         Go to   Use Ctrl F to find the short line of text in which the word synthesize appears. Copy the line into your document.

  • synthesize ideas gathered from multiple sources;

9.         Find a webpage from the past month that addresses the topic of data privacy.  Copy the link/URL into your document.

10.       Using results from your Edu-filtered search, find an essay-help webpage that is not trying to sell you anything.  Copy the link/URL into your document.

College Essay Help: 4 Admissions Essay Tips That’ll Help You …

11.       Copy the URL of one other page on which the computer picture appears.

12.       Go to and run a search with the terms web search.  Filter for videos longer than 20 minutes.  Once you’ve found one, copy the link/URL into your document.

13.       Describe one Advanced search method—in Google, or any search engine you please— that has not already been discussed in the Activity.

 Search engines are used when Looking for comparison between two things by using the phrase vs

14.       Convert 6.2 out of 8 to a percentage.

6.2/8 *100= 77.5%

15.       Find a pre-2007 archived version of Take a screenshot of the page and copy it into your document.

Submit your completed activity through the Week One: Assignment 2: Web Search Activity assignment link, located in the Week One Assignments folder.

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