Causes Of Teen Pregnancy Sample Essay

Causes Of Teen Pregnancy Sample Essay.

Causes Of Teen Pregnancy Sample Essay

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Write a short research paper addressing the following title: “Causes of Teen Pregnancy”. Your work consists mainly of reviewing a small sample (4-5 sources or references) of relevant research evidence. Please take into consideration the following requirements: It must be well organized and free from any syntax problems, and documented according to the APA manual. You must review evidence from a minimum of 4-5 different sources. It must have a title page that must include the paper title and your name (on the top half); and the paper abstract on the bottom half. The paper abstract must be a short paragraph consisting of three statements, one after another: problem statement (focus and purpose of your work), methods statement (How it was done), and findings statement. Your paper must be 5-6 pages long (double space, 12-point font, and one-inch margins). It should be structured as follows: Title Abstract Introduction Background Problem statement (purpose of the research study) Causes of teen pregnancy: A review of a sample research of findings Based on the research evidence reviewed, the causes of teen pregnancy include: peer influence, coercive sexual relations, dysfunctional family patterns, and poverty. Peer Influence Coercive Sexual Relations Dysfunctional Family Patterns Poverty Discussion and Conclusion References Please note that you are not required to use the causes above. Rather feel free to write on the causes of teen pregnancy that your literature search reveals, which could include some or all of the causes mentioned above. Your paper will be evaluated using the rubric provided in LiveText. Your work must be submitted via both MOODLE and LiveText.

Requirements: 600 words 

Causes Of Teen Pregnancy

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Causes Of Teen Pregnancy


Adolescent pregnancy has historically grown as a social and educational issue in industrialized, developing, and evolving nations alike. This research is an evaluation of a comprehensive cross-sectional study that was performed in clinics among randomly selected pregnant teenagers to investigate the factors that influence teenage pregnancy. Poverty, lack of family care, non-use of contraception, lack of school fees and peer influences were all factors that contributed to adolescent pregnancy.


In both industrialized and underdeveloped nations, teen pregnancy is a global health issue. It is described as any pregnancy that occurs before the woman reaches the age of 20. Some young women are married and forced to reside with the family of their prospective husbands. Teenage pregnancy has grown to be a global issue since it impacts not just the youngster and her parents, but also society as a whole. Rising teen pregnancy will subsequently result in rising childhood poverty and decline of the child’s health status.


Around 16 million girls from 15 to 19 years give birth each year, contributing for roughly 11% of all childbirth worldwide. With one out of every five females giving birth by the age of 18, Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rates of teenage pregnancies, which is often connected to child marriages. Teenage pregnancy is a global problem, but it is more common in impoverished and underprivileged communities. Even when they are still youthful, many teen girls are subjected to a lot of insistence to marry and have babies (Domenico & Jones, 2007). Teen pregnancy numbers grow when girls are denied the ability to make decisions about their personal and reproductive health and wellness. Teenage girls should be free to have their individual decisions about their bodies and prospective life, as well as have access to good healthcare and education.

Problem statement

Adolescent pregnancy has historically grown as a social and educational issue in industrialized, developing, and evolving nations alike. Notwithstanding the implementation of intervention techniques, several countries remain to have high rates of teenage pregnancy. According to available data, fertility levels in emerging countries have decreased during the last two decades.

Discussion for Causes Of Teen Pregnancy

Peer Influence

Peer pressure may have such an impact on an average teenager’s sexuality impression that they will tend to adhere to sexual behavior practices that are thought appropriate by the peer circle to which they belong (Odhiambo, 2018). There is peer pressure to believe that when you are not engaged in both oral and sexual contact, something is amiss with you, and that staying a virgin is shameful and bad. This shows how peer influence has a substantial impact on teenage pregnancy.

Non-use of contraception

The most prevalent justifications for not using contraception are forgetfulness or ‘not considering,’ feeling in the present,’ i.e., being ‘in the groove,’ not wanting to ‘break the magic,’ being under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and getting pressured by teenage boys not to wear condoms (Casola et al., 2017). Even though it is not completely absent, lack of information is rarely given as a reason.

Lack of family care

Young women and teenage boys are not given much information about sex and producing children. Some caregivers are unsure how to communicate with their children, while others seem unconcerned (Sámano, et al., 2020). Many of the moms were still adolescents when they conceived their children, therefore they don’t know how to communicate with them.


Youngsters from low-income families are five times more prone to become impregnated than kids from higher families. Poverty makes it difficult for youngsters to get by (Lee et al., 2020). Typically, the youngster is pushed to work at an early age. Adult challenges and adult duties are thrust upon them. As a result, they mature quickly and exhibit all of the features of an adult.


The repercussions of these high rates of adolescent pregnancy grounds are considerable, inflicting significant obligations on young girls and boys, as well as their families. Because the causes that lead to teenage pregnancy are complicated and different, comprehensive solutions are required. Education, access to contraception, school-based medical centers, youth-friendly facilities, and youth growth programs should be improved.


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