MEDSURG Nursing Discussion Essay

MEDSURG Nursing Discussion Essay. Category: Others You must access the following article to answer the questions: Boyle, D. K., & Thompson, S.A. (2020). CMSRNs’ continuing competence methods and perceived value of certification: A descriptive study. MEDSURG Nursing, 29(4), 229-254. Locate the literature review section. Summarize using your own words from one of the study/literature findings. Be sure …

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Nursing; Legal Considerations Sample Essay

Nursing; Legal Considerations Sample Essay.                                                 Category: Medicine and Health Description Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing discussion question and need support to help me learn. We begin our journey into discovering the new world of research and evidence-based practice (EBP) by exploring our past. After completing the required readings and lesson, answer the following: Explain how …

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Transition of Care Sample Essay

Transition of Care Sample Essay.             Category: Nursing transition of care Transition of Care Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Introduction The transition of care, also known as care transition, is the continuous and coordinated health care service provided to a patient as they are being moved from one healthcare practitioner or setting to another. …

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Nursing Discussion Essay Sample Paper

Nursing Discussion Essay Sample Paper. Category: Nursing Part A-1: Use the table in Chapter 12, Table 12-3 to guide your observations. Include the 15 categories from the table. (See below document for categories and descriptions from your textbook.) This is a two part assignment. Describe your initial conclusions about the community by developing a chart listing the …

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