Case Study 3 Discussion Paper

Case Study 3. Use the Final Project Rubric to structure your outline. Details are described under “Milestone Two.”

**Use Case Study to guide you**

Case Study

  1. Introduction
  2. Hook
  3. The main goal of looking into client history and treatment plan is to asses viable insights concerning therapy procedure of the meaning and meaningless problem.
  4. Generally establishing some reasons to survive and persevere will be attained through a successful therapy procedure.
  5. Thesis Statement
  6. Charlton will be assisted in overcoming his problem through existential therapy. The treatment plan will facilitate overcoming relatedness, struggles within the identity and courage issues. The approach will be successful since isolation and intimacy concept will be applied in coordination with the therapeutic technique.
  7. Body
  8. Client History  
    1.  Jose Carlton is a college student who is struggling with the issues of meaning and meaningless problem . He cannot differentiate the science of both factors and thus posing a serious problem to himself. The issues have lasted for the last 21 years since he was borne. As at now, he is an unhappy young individual who feels rejected and despised by families, relatives and friends. He had contemplated suicidal thoughts not once nor twice, and the struggle has impounded top anguish individuals close to him.
    1. The longevity of the issues within the family history will also be utilized in an attempt to develop a cognitive informative therapy procedure that will bear results. He does not record any severe physical impact, but psychological struggles are existence within his lifestyle.
  9. The orientation of the treatment Plan
    1. Existential therapy is an approach in place meant to assist patients struggling with meaning and meaningless issues in life. Arguably , the procedure will assist Carlton from being a lone ranger to insertion of intimacy within his sense and consciousness. It is a technical approach but with adequate follow up, then it will be possible to attain positive feedback as the method is proved scientifically and functional.
    1. The technique is expected to be instrumental in the recovery of Carlos in gaining normality in life. Living in his world is psychologically healthy, and the approach might limit his ability to attain his set goals and objectives.
  10. Objectives of the Treatment Plan
    1.  Insert a sense of self-worth through seeking meaning in life by identification of personal interests and choices. In essence, Carlton will be equipped with techniques of how to assume personal responsibility for his life.Case Study 3
    1. Incorporate family, friends, and other individuals close to Carlton in walking through the therapeutic procedure. A journey walked together will likely bear results since combined efforts are better in eliminating the isolation instinct engraved within Carlton.Case Study 3
    1. .Assist the client in viewing the world as a whole new sphere with endless opportunities, affection, kindness and compassion. Generally, it enhances Carlton to realize individual awareness.Case Study 3
    1. Engage the client in learning that anxiety is part of life, and he ought to brace for all conditions in life irrespective of the outcomes, being relaxed should always come first. Moreover, Carlton will be made to understand that death is a natural occurrence, and contemplating suicide will not serve to solve any solution.Case Study 3
  11. Conclusion
  12. Overcoming an issue is the essence of initiating a therapeutic approach; thus, Carlton will be forced to collaborate with the procedure since it is meant to impact a positive intense in his life. Overcoming the meaning and meaningless problem will be a dream come true both to the psychologist and also to the client himself, not forgetting some of the close associates.
  13. Carlton will now be in a position to seek life answers that contributes to his suicidal thoughts and depression.

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