Business and Management: Ethical Dilemma

Business and Management: Ethical Dilemma.



Ethical Dilemma

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Business and Management: Business

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Think of an ethical dilemma/issue that you experienced recently – one in which you had to decide

whether one choice or another was the more ethical. This can be a situation you experienced at work,

at home, or elsewhere.

First, briefly describe the situation and the decision you made. This should take up no more than

approximately one-third of your paper.

Second, FULLY discuss your rationale for the decision. The most important part of this paper is that

you fully support your decision (i.e., provide a detailed explanation for your decision). This section

of the paper should consist of about two-thirds of your paper.

No problem, I wrote the paper late at night and just included details of what happened, but wants the details to be explained like the instructions say.

Briefly describe the situation and the decision you made.

            Children have always been uncomfortable talking to their parents about individual situations because there are consequences that follow, and my cousins and I are no exception. Peer pressure from social circles have landed many children in trouble, and serious consequences follow when their parents find out. Recently, I was faced with an ethical dilemma where I was forced me to choose between honesty and an unspoken code of loyalty amongst my cousins.

The incident occurred during my sister’s engagement party, and just like any other party, food, and drinks were in plenty. I was faced in a dilemma when I found my cousin unconscious lying at a corner, and I was required to seek medical assistance from an older family member. The medical help was unnecessary because all she needed was to take water and sleep. We decided before any of our parents saw what was going on, it was best if she slept at a friend’s house until the alcohol wares off. Things became suspicious when an older family member asked about the whereabouts of my cousin, and all the stories that we gave were not adding up. My cousin’s parents became very worried, and I felt guilty because I knew where my cousin was. I was torn between telling the truth and being silent and not breaking my cousins’ trust. I decided to tell them about the whereabouts of my little cousin, not minding the consequences.

Fully discuss your rationale for the decision.

            It was very hard for me to break the code of secrecy between my cousins and me, but as a decent human being, it is essential to prevent the suffering of others. The reason behind telling my little cousin’s parent is because I could see the worry written all over their faces. They had become restless about the wellbeing and whereabouts of their daughter. I could not stop imagining how guilty I would feel if something terrible happened to her. Girls are prone to many risks, and they could get raped or drugged, especially for a person in an unconscious situation that my cousin was in. The thought of my cousin getting raped and the consequences of the action could not stop myself from telling the truth.

In society, the moral of honesty should always be upheld, and this was my other driving force towards telling the truth. Telling the truth to my cousin’s parents would reflect my true values. Honesty helps prevent bad things from happening, and it is also a virtue to be observed. Were it not for my honesty, my cousin’s life would have been in danger because she was at a friend’s place, and not everybody can be trusted, not even friends.

The other reason that made me tell the truth was that the parents had suggested taking action with the police by reporting a missing person. The action would have led to the arrest of the friends who were hosted my little cousin. Police cases would have incurred financial losses for the parents and she would have been arrested for drinking irresponsibly. The other reason was that it had become a trend for my cousin to get drunk, and I had started to become worried about her. It was the third time she was drunk and unconscious, and I was worried her actions were getting out of hand.

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