Business and Management: Eastman Kodak

Business and Management: Eastman Kodak.



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Business and Management

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The company is Eastman Kodak. I have attached the guidelines and rubric for the assignment.

Eastman Kodak

The struggling company selected for this assignment is Eastman Kodak, which is an American technology company founded in 1880. The company is known for the production of camera-related products. In 2012, the company had filed bankruptcy and had already started company reconstruction. The company initially had an 85% camera market share and a 90% market share in film products (De La Merced, 2012). For a long time, the company was doing well until 2005 when the net income started to decline notably. Eastman Kodak no longer sells its products directly to the consumers; instead, some distributors do.

Little information regarding Eastman Kodak’s management practices exists, and instead the one existing were more reactive than proactive. Instead of being more contemplative on the causes of bankruptcy, the company became boastful about surviving through it. On the positive side, the company seemed to be saddened by the thousand job losses (Jinks, 2013). The state of the bankruptcy of Eastman Kodak ruined its reputation, especially with the company creditors.

Eastman Kodak is a worldwide company, and hence, it had no ability to clearly communicating with one another to develop a significant business model. The business model should have been developed in the year 2000 or earlier when there was a clear indication of minimum labs for printing work. They would have made use of technology to develop a home printing center instead of using small printing labs (Fowler, 2013). They should also have considered a simpler option of printing photos directly from their phones as it could also have been cost-effective. Eastman Kodak would have taken the market by storm were it not for lack of management and leadership. The company disappeared due to its inability to shift focus appropriately.


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