Business and Management: Building Your Plan

Business and Management: Building Your Plan.



Building Your Plan

Type of paper:



Business and Management

Format or citation style:

APA (edition “APA 6”)

Pages: 4

Deadline: 7hrs

With STAFFING AGENCY as the business plan topic, write the following:

Your mission statement should be 1 paragraph maximum.

Your vision statement should be 1 paragraph maximum.

Your product or service description should be around 500 words.

Your market opportunity and competitive environment sections should be no more than 500 words.

Your statement of ethics should be no more than 2 paragraphs.

Your statement of social responsibility should be no more than 2 paragraphs.

Choose a business plan template, and customize it for your venture.

Building Your Plan

Staffing Agency Business Plan

Mission Statement

I am looking forward to establishing a staffing agency in America, and the mission will be as follows. We are aiming to facilitate the realization of organizational success through people. Companies and organizational success in America through efficient labor will also count as our success, and we are committed to realizing the dream with unequalled commitment. The target will be achieved through empowerment, responsibility, and collaboration with all the concerned parties. In the long run, we are looking forward to being the leading staffing firm in the world. Service to humanity and organizational success is our ultimate purpose.

Vision Statement

As an organization new in the market and willing to create cohesive connections of employers to employees, we are guided by a vision that will function to inspire us. Firstly, our vision is to strengthen and empower the community through the realization of great opportunities. We are looking forward to being more than just a staffing company; we aim to be a pipeline of outstanding professionals and talent and satisfactory career opportunities. With every single hiring, the motive will be to enrich lives, assist firms and organizations in a thriving, and equally inspire community growth.

Service Description

Our staffing agency will concentrate on the issuance of services related to professional employees and manufacturing workers. Staffing agent will work its way out to issue excellent facilities to enhance meeting the client’s needs. The categories will range from full-time hours and short term contractual basis. In a nutshell, the staffing categories that we will concentrate on include placement, temporary hire, long term staffing, and short term staffing. Arguably the professionals and manufacturer laborers will be spread across healthcare, industrial sector, Engineering, information, and technology sector, Scientific research, and its confines. Other categories that we find it feasible to operation include officer clerical and administrative division and also the professional-managerial area.

Once a business agent requires the services of the professional or manufacturing workers, the organization will contract us, and the activity will be executed within a short term basis. The approach will be possible since we are planning on creating an extensive database working system under which all the unemployed individuals will be required to register themselves with us. Subscription and premium terms will be agreed upon after securing the services a contract or a permanent job for the listed individuals. Organizations will also be required to pay out a stipend as an approach to enhance our operation afloat. Potential candidates will be lined for interview sessions ad we will maintain a high level of experience and qualifications as part of the listing strategies. Within our operational filed, we will establish an executive search firm that will specialize in hiring high-level professionals such as the managers. The diversification is a plan in place, and we are looking forward to attaining the set objectives as per the confines. Quality and timely delivery of services will operate as the root derivatives in guiding the process.

Accordingly, any firm around America and outside the world will be our target market, and we are looking forward to positive experience over the same. Any firm in need of permanent, temporary, or temp to permanent employees will be well served by contacting our firm. Ideally, the primary rationale of operating is to connect the job seekers to potential employers. For all employees, they should look no more; we are offering a long-lasting solution. Each job opportunity will be placed and advertised as per the reasonable salary and also other feasible options to consider. We depend on technology and innovation in the future when we will finally be in a position to fast track the firing and unemployment in almost all parts of the world. Currently, we are staging the activities in America, after which we are planning, venturing into international boundaries within the next one year. It is a risky ordeal as it appears but serving humanity limits and reduces the precarious nature of the trial. We are here to open up opportunities that job seekers cannot be in a position to seek the same occasion on their own. Naturally, we are looking forward to eliminating unemployment and underemployment realized in America and other spheres of the world. Perplexingly we will offer training to all successful employees who will happen to go through the interview sessions.

Opportunity and Competition

A staffing agency is a vicious frim that is looking forward to assuming a real opportunity in the vast economic world. The opportunity poses a considerable capacity of strength since it will empower the information technology sector and accounting section, where it is more difficult to find qualified employees in America. Currently, new regulations are in place that requires employees to secure an insurance agency before being employed. The majority of the companies will opt to hire workers temporarily as an approach to evade the aspect of paying insurance. The opportunity will open up chances to register more employees in such positions, increasing the competing power within internal analyses of the organization. The ability to compete will be ascertained after settling on more than fifty employment locations. Indeed Hire, and Jackson Healthcare is some of the staffing agencies in America that we are expected to counter in the market. The strategical approach will serve us more in creating a niche in the market. It is not a walk in the park, and we are looking forward to learning, implement, and strategize our approach once the need arises.


As an agency, it will serve as well to observe integrity and respect as some of the ethical code in guiding our business operations. Firstly we will be compliant with both the employers and employees in all instances. Also, we will observe the confidentiality of the data offered to us by the employees since the majority will be personal data. We will keep diversification in which the non-discrimination principle will occupy the central position in our dealings. Finally, we will ensure that all workers are sent to a safe working environment since reputation is vital and functional to us.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back to society is at the center of all our activities, and once ascertained and established in business, we will venture into CSR after the first year. We aim to focus on environmental solution issues as an approach to mitigate the impact of green technology. Further, we will be looking forward to making donations that will be directed to charity activities within the community. Finally, we will concentrate on training and creation of employment to myriad staff members and also a champion in the fight against the mistreatment of employees in the workplace.

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