Book Review Sample Essay Paper

Book Review Sample Essay Paper.

Book Review Sample Essay Paper


X=movie version of lord of the rings

Y=book versions of lord of the rings

A=the probability

p, q,r=drawn-out, dry, and boring

Sarah would find the book versions with similar characteristics to the movie trilogy. The rating for the argument would be 9/10. The reasons are; She was less captivated by the movie, The sorry concept is similar in the books and it makes no sense repeating a boring storyline all over again. The number promotes yo this analogical analysis as both contexts of the extract provides similar storylines.


X=She has killed every house plant she owns

Y=She would not be able to care for plants

A=inability to care, killing

P, q, r=need care, need attention, need assistance, dependability

She would not be able to care for pets. This argument can be credited a 4/10. The reasons are, we cannot whole compare plants and animals because the type of care is different, the growth of plants is also dependent on their sustainability, and animals are more elaborate to care for. Relevance is identified as an extra reason from the text as in this regard these two comparative elements are different and hence should be approached in a different aspect altogether.

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