Benefits of Education to a Society Essay

Benefits of Education to a Society Essay.

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Why does being an educated part of one’s society matter? If if so, how and why (in a family , neighborhood community , OR globally )?

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Benefits of Education to a Society Essay

Benefits of Education to a Society

Education can bring a wide range of benefits in societies and this is not just because of higher employment opportunities but the skills obtained help in accessing networks. Education and society go along and this question is more educating to students as it helps in opening their eyes in realizing the place that education takes in their societies. Education can generally be defined in simple terms as the acquisition of knowledge. Society on the other hand is a group of people who socially interact. In so many instances, Educations is considered a core for every individual in a society. Education becomes a society matter when leaders, workers and recruits are needed because such fields require skills. It is only through education that people will be able to obtain skills. Education is also an essential to living a brighter life and every society encourages education so that individuals living within it will have a brighter life. By recognizing the power of education, society’s challenges are addressed and that is why societies take education as a matter.

One of the fruits of education is development. In a society that has more educated individuals, there are always developments because people have knowledge. In such societies, both natural and artificial resources are well utilized as the few educated people teach the locals the importance of those resources. Aspect of sustainability is taught to everyone to ensure that resources are available for the present and the future generations. Apart from being developed, the society locals are able to see the importance of knowledge and encourage their children to go to school and work hard.

Societies also want to be the producers of better governments by educating individuals in it. It is for this reason that societies took personal education as it matter. Educated individuals apart from being good leaders, they start by being good voters. They are able to make wise decisions when it comes to choosing leaders and the good leadership is what makes good and stable governments. Educated individuals in societies make a more engaged voting population that can make a government be on toes every time. The other thing about educated populations that makes governments more accountable is the fact that such individuals are aware of their rights and forward any complain they have to the government officials. By doing this, their problems are addressed hence saving the whole country from oppression.

The more important benefit a society gains from having educated individuals is reduced mortality rates. Educated individuals can identify their health problems faster and be able to find medication. From the data in the article “Education Indicators in Focus” it shows that life expectancy depends more in education and every society with educated individuals will definitely have successful births without people losing their children at birth. The facilities used during child birth will also be of high quality since people have got skills.

In conclusion, being educated becomes a society’s matter because the society considers the benefits education will have in it. Health being an important aspect of life, society enjoys long live and healthy conditions as well. For this reasons, societies encourage people to go to school so that they can help the less privileged with the skills they obtain in bettering their lives too.

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