Art Essay Samples

Andy Warhol Four Marilyn’s Art Essay Paper

Andy Warhol Four Marilyn's Art Essay Paper. Part 1: Andy Warhol. Choose a piece of art from the book (or from any source you have access to) that appeals to you. Look at it for a long time. Analyze the formal qualities of this piece, ...
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Crash Course Film History Paper

The Crash Course on film history. I need help writing a response to 16 crash course videos about the film. It needs to be 2 pages and answer the following questions; Did you find it helpful and informative? Do you think watching this series will ...
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Gero Crucifix

Gero Crucifix essay Art image Q and A

InstructionThere are 2 questions (a, b) per time period (Early Medieval, Romanesque, Gothic, Late Medieval Europe) Select 1 question from each, so that you will be answering a total of 4 questions out of the 8 available. Art Questions Name Institution of Affiliation Early Medieval ...
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Thomas Eakins Essay Art Paper (1844–1916)

Thomas Eakins Essay. Choose one of the Artists listed at the bottom of the page. Choose one of their works in the Philadelphia Museum's collection and critique it using the Feldman Method. Your essay should include a brief (2 – 3 paragraphs) biography at ...
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