Anthropology Question Review Paper Sample

Anthropology Question Review Paper Sample.




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on the attachment it tells you which questions to answer from review

Question Review

Describe the characteristics of a sharp force injury.

            A sharp force injury originates from sharp objects which are capable of cutting or stabbing the body .Such injuries are known to be longer than their deep. Again they are categorized as being more rooted in comparison to their length.

Describe the characteristics of a blunt force injury.

A blunt force injury originates from non-sharpened objects, which tend to be blunt. The latter can be positioned in the tissues, scrape, or Abrade. Once the tissues are altered by the blunt object and in return, overstretching a laceration is formed—consequently, the skin tears and splits.

List the five categories of the manner of death.

Death can occur in the following manners, either by accident, suicide, natural, homicide, or even undetermined.</CR_SUM_BL_MID>

Distinguish between a homicide and a suicide.

            Homicide is an act of recklessness from an individual, which results to killing a fellow human being. A violation act necessitates the final outcome of an individual killing another either willing or unwilling. Suicide is an intentional induction of taking away one’s life.

After death, the body undergoes a process known as algor mortis. What is this?

Algor Mortis is a medical vocabulary obtained from two Latin words, which include Algor, meaning coldness and mortis insinuating death. It is the second stage of death in which the body undergoes a change in temperature to match the ambient temperature conditions.</CR_SUM_BL_MID>

Another condition arising after death is livor mortis. What does this entail?

            Livor mortis is a condition that results in discoloration of the skin after the pooling blood to the independent parts of the body. Gravity contributes to settling of blood, and the locality changes into dark blue or purple in a condition well known as lividity.

Immediately following death, a chemical change known as rigor mortis occurs. Describe this phenomenon</CR_SUM_BL_MID>.

Some few hours after death, the joints within the body usually stiffens and segregates themselves in a specific place; the phenomenon is termed as rigor mortis. It is usually caused by the contraction of the skeletal muscles and lasts for about 72 hours, depending on body temperature and other conditions.

1. The titles of Coroner and Medical Examiner are used interchangeably, but there are significant differences in their job descriptions.

5. The primary objective of autopsy is to examine what contributed to the death of an individual and the manner in which the death occurred.

9. Wounds on victims’ forearms may be security wounds.

22. Because drug abuse is so common, a forensic pathologist will routinely test the presence of drugs in almost all investigations. True

25. The autopsy consists of internal and external examinations.

33. A body that displays a cherry red discoloration often leads a pathologist to suspect poisoning by carbon monoxide.

37. Different lividity patterns on a body reveal that a body was moved after death but before livor mortis had fully fixed True.

41. A definite identification of the remains cannot be made through the analyses of the descendant’s DNA profile, fingerprints, or medical records. False

43. The field of Forensic Anthropology takes advantage of the durable nature of bones over long periods to examine and identify human skeletal remains through a multitude of individual characteristics.

44. The study of insects and their relation to criminal investigation is known as Forensic entomology, is commonly utilized to determine the time of death when the circumstances surrounding the crime are unknown.

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