Anthropology Essay Samples

Personal Space and Social Interaction

Personal Space and Social Interaction. #557441557 Topic: observation write up Type of paper: observation write up Discipline: Humanities: Anthropology Format or citation style: APA Pages: 5 Deadline: 19hr                                                                    Personal Space and Social Interaction Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Personal Space and Social Interaction After conducting a firsthand interview with a mid-twenties accountant woman on the subway from New York to Manhattan, I developed specific themes regarding personal space. First, I was able to assess and develop a holistic meaning ...
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Ruth Benedicts The Anthropologist

Ruth Benedicts The Anthropologist. InstructionNow that you have a solid base of knowledge about a variety of topics in Anthropology I want you to select an Anthropologist , a culture, or a topic of Anthropology you find interesting (religion, sexuality, gender, race, etc.), then discuss the theories involved with that person, culture, or topic. This needs to be 3 FULL pages, typed, double spaced, Times new Roman, font size 12, with our standard header. You will need at least 3 ...
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Equestrian portrait of the Duke of Buckingham

Equestrian portrait of the Duke of Buckingham Art Criticism: Art Criticism Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Art Criticism Title: Equestrian portrait of the Duke of Buckingham. Artist: Peter Paul Reubens (1577-1640) Medium: Oil on panel Dimensions: 18 3/8 x 20 3/8 in. (46.6 x 51.7 cm) Date: 1625 Description Peter Paul Reubens was an influential artist of his time because he was both a painter and a diplomat. In this portrait, the bravura and elegance that fascinated Buckingham’s admirers are evident, ...
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A Pyramid with Several Tiers & Examples of Each

A Pyramid with Several Tiers & Examples of Each:- You'll need to refer to the Pyramid of White Supremacy (image has been attached). Create your own pyramid on one of the following topics covered in class: Sexism, Heterosexism, Classism, Ableism, Religious Intolerance, or Ageism. While your pyramid does not need to be as detailed as the example, it should include several "tiers" and examples of each tier should be provided. My suggestion would be to draw the pyramid on paper ...
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Anthropology Stories Review Essay

Anthropology Stories Review Essay:- Review the stories and videos. Strega Nona, Der Zauberlingin by Goethe, Latkes Latkes, Fantasia Sorcerer's Apprentice, The Midas touch and the written story of the Midas touch. Compare and contrast the themes and plots for similarities and differences. Reference all the stories in your review. Which of these do you prefer and why? A two to three page review. Anthropology Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Professor Course Date Anthropology COMPARISON AND CONTRAST An old fairy story ...
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