Anthropology Discussion Sample Essay

Anthropology Discussion Sample Essay.

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Anthropology Discussion Sample Essay


The study of the berdaches in North America is a reflection of the social construction identity. The berdache’s idea emphasizes on roles issue which has resulted to continued inequality among people. There were specific roles to the women berdaches which were very different from those of the men berdaches. The mode of dressing, the lifestyle, social roles and temperament were also used to distinguish between the two genders and so men were treated with a lot of respect since they hold onto bigger roles in the society. Gender and sexualities identities are always constructed and by understanding that, people grow to know where they are place in terms of equality. Men are highly respected in some communities and women in some and people know their place depending on the community they have grown in.

Inequality should not be determined by race though race has been a factor that many people have used to exploit others. Some races believe that they are powerful than others and the associate professor Lance Gravlee decided to work on the issue. Races have been used as a classification mode since the colonial period for the Africans and Indians who provided labor during that time.  The European attitude of inequality towards the Africans and Indians grow and their physical color symbolized their status differences. The Africans and the Indians accepted that everything they were going through was God planned.

People have also tried to come with so many ways in using race as the identification measure and the idea has led to the inequalities in police works and also medical studies. The idea has contributed to too many mistakes done in the biological science during identification.

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