Anthropology Discussion Paper Sample

Anthropology Discussion Paper Sample

Anthropology Discussion

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Anthropology Discussion

What caused me to View the World Differently

The course material on culture made me view the world differently. From the course materials, the realization that culture can make a person to limit the way he/she looks at the world, further limiting the ability to take in new ideas made me realize that it is time to view every belief I have from a more neutral and open-minded approach.

What Stroke me more as I read the course material

As I explored the course materials, I was stricken the most by the fact that the brain of a human being is made in a way resembling a house. Each day, the person’s beliefs makes him develop a specific picture of the world. The brain develops a boundary, such that any information that does not fit within the picture of the world is driven away (Crapo, 2013). In the same way, I learned that the brain is made such that any foreign information is tackled the way a person would respond to physical attack. It becomes difficult to view the world from a neutral and critical perspective especially if a factor does not fit within a person’s core beliefs. Accordingly, there will always be cases of back-firing due to the facts provided being opposite of the beliefs of the person. In this case, it was amazing to learn that most of the time, even if a person provides sources for his facts, initial beliefs will make a person to dig deep and look for better ways to counter the claims due to the back-firing effects. Based on the cultural influence, I learned that it is important to recognize the cultural impacts on a person’s basis of reasoning. This stoke me most since it became clear to me that some people are unintentionally difficult to deal with due to their cultural background.


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