Academic Integrity Sample Essay

Academic Integrity Sample Essay.

Academic Integrity Sample Essay

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

The sole purpose of the University of Phoenix is to provide intellectual growth to the students and the community at large. Academic dishonesty is a major hindrance as far as the achievement of the mission of the school is concerned.  It is, therefore, worthwhile to discuss academic integrity.

Three Examples of Infractions that Violate the University’s Student Code of Academic Integrity

There are various ways in which students can infringe the stipulated academic integrity. One way is through plagiarism. By definition, plagiarism is the unintentional or intentional use of another person’s ideas or words in any form of academic work without citing the source of the ideas or words.  Another way in which academic integrity is infringed is through unauthorized assistance. This is when the academic exercise is done by someone else other than the student. The last way of infringing academic integrity is through collusion. This is whereby a student helps another offers academic help to another student (University of Phoenix, 2013).

Importance of Integrity

Jessop, Sparks, Jessop, Dodds, and Lynch (2016) pinpoint that integrity implies following ethical or moral convictions. It involves always doing the right thing under all circumstances. Integrity is important for gaining people’s trust. Trust is a required in professional life for prosperity. Integrity enables a person to have a peaceful academic as well as professional life. People of integrity do not worry about hiding anything. Integrity also enables a person to set good standards academically or professionally. Thus, it helps one to become a role model.

Resources on Plagiarism

There are many available resources that a student can use to check for plagiarism. These resources include Google, plagiarism checker, DupliChecker, PlagiarismDetect, and so on. The most useful tool is the Google. This resource is an important site for learning as well as for checking plagiarism (Starovoytova, 2017). Generally, it is important to uphold academic integrity to enable efficient intellectual growth. This is prudent in enhancing the image of the university.


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