“A School District’s Perspective” article Summary

“A School District’s Perspective” article Summary.


Pages: 2

Deadline: 8hrs

2-3 page summary and response dialogue with the source

response dialogue with the source. This will involve providing a detailed summary of the source’s argument and responding to that argument with your position based on the information provided in the source.

Once done the assignment, write

  1. What ideas originally came to mind when you first read through the article? Did your initial response to the article change after reading it for a second time? (3-4 sentences)
  2. How does paying attention to the way you respond to a source help you formulate your stance on a topic? (2-3 sentences)

Summary and Response


Sugar in School Breakfasts: A School District’s Perspective article authored by Lengyel, among others, captures reasonable ideas that ought to be analyzed and assessed. Of importance, Houston Independent district school is among the largest in the country, and thus, managing and controlling the nutritional services poses an ideal challenge and opportunity in equal capacity. USDA organization is set aside to establish strict guidelines to be followed purposely to sensitize dietary requirements to be observed when serving breakfast in schools (Greeley et al., .2015). Accordingly, the concerned parties have agreed that individuals in kitchen departments at School struggle to reduce sugar content, doubling up as maintenance of budgetary constraints. Breakfast is essential since it offers provision on growing minds and fuelling the minds of the young, ambitious citizens as they embark on their academic journey. It is vital to understand that breakfast requires special considerations and attention. If the parent’s demand for changes in the actualization of the sugar regulations, the ordeal will function best if the policy is executed at the federal level. Parents and guardians are responsible citizens on most occasions, and they would wish their children to receive the best treatment in health, education, and social life. Notably, substitutions may be implemented through the reduction of fruit changes and increasing funding’s to incorporate more protein in the nutritional requirement. Parents can participate in once in nutritional facts; labels will increase credibility to ascertain the added sugars, which will, in return, reduce the sugars in the menu. Inventing new labelling techniques will function to reduce the number of sugars in the diet and increase savoury products with a heightened amount of protein. Labelling is executed with a marketability notion in mind as compared to the health of the consumers. In some way, the approach can be cited as a selfish approach from the producers and sellers (Greeley et al., .2015). A decreased amount of calories can also be realized following an informed approach through a framework of policies through the federal governments. Generally, the researchers will attain an amicable solution by continuous involvement of the communities as an approach to provide the best impactful nutrients in the morning.

After first reading the article, the advertisers who bombard society with an unhealthy morning diet, I was pondering on how impactful the marketing campaign is. Yet, the ideal products contribute to issues such as obesity in children. Breakfast meals ought to be a healthy and vital contributor to energy content in the body. Sugars are essential contributors to the energy contained within the body, and one cannot survive without its impact and especially children. The majority of the young generation realize the vigorous physical activity stage, which requires sugars. Therefore after a first reading, the article my response and reaction towards the article changed since excess contents were cited as unhealthy.

On multiple occasions, arguments do not require practical writing since they emerge and develop in any sphere of life. When one responds negatively towards an article, it is more likely to realize harmful ideologies. One cannot make a claim and support it if they fail to accommodate and appreciate original thoughts from the author. Reasoning and evidence may function to increase the credibility of the analyses. Therefore it is vital to exercise responsibility when interacting with the source towards the establishment of the topic stance.


Greeley, C., Sanborn, R., & Hernandez, D. (2015). Journal of Applied Research on Children: Informing Policy for Children at Risk. Journal of Applied Research on Children: Informing Policy for Children at Risk6(2).

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